Top 5 Practical Benefits of a Parcel Forwarding Service

Parcel Forwarding

Fed up with the hassle of coordinating shipping for your overseas packaging? There's a simple solution.

No longer will you have to deal with the stress and struggle of getting the products you want without having to pay outlandish shipping fees or dealing with vendors who can't deliver to you. Package forwarding is a great, convenient service to handle your shipping needs.


Let's explore some of the more practical benefits of parcel forwarding you can look forward to.

5 practical benefits of parcel forwarding

1. Opens the Doors to Buy More

How often have you run into a product online that you simply must have, but they don't deliver to your country?

It happens, especially with smaller businesses.

The market for online shopping has opened many doors for consumers, but we're still limited by the shipping options businesses can provide. Fortunately, parcel forwarding is here to the rescue.

No more will you be restricted by shipping limitations. Purchase your desired products as usual, and set your delivery with to your forwarding service. When your package reaches the facility, they'll send it on to you across any ocean.

2. One, Flat-Rate Shipping

If you're a frequent shopper of international businesses, chances are you're familiar with the drastic differences in the rates they charge for the shipping they offer.

Why? Too many reasons to list, but you don't have to put up with any of it.

Instead, get your list of products ordered, and send it all to the parcel forwarding service. You'll just have to pay the much-less fee for in-country shipping. Then, when all of your items have arrived, they'll ship them all out for you in one collective package. With one shipping rate.

3. Put Delivery On-Hold

Ready to order now, but need the package delivered by a certain, later date?

Parcel forwarding has you covered. Our services can hold onto your items at our facilities for up to 90 days.

Next time you're up late at night browsing for holiday gifts for your family and friends in far-away lands, hit the purchase button! We'll hold onto your items until the perfect time, coordinating delivery for when you want it.

4. Detailed Tracking

In-country shipping is usually so thorough with the tracking details. Shipping from another country is a different story, though.

One minute it's in, say, China, and the next it's at your door. For the detail-oriented out there, that can be pretty frustrating. Especially when the packages aren't at your doorstep on time.

Our forwarding services will give you up-to-date information to put your mind at ease. Know where your packages are at all times, and if there are any delays or mishaps that you should know about.

5. All Payments Accepted

Ordering with international vendors can be quite tricky, sometimes.

They don't accept your preferred credit card. Or there are outrageous fees attached for transfer services between your bank and their sales department. International shopping can be tough.

Fortunately, we've got you covered. Talk to us and we can coordinate a payment plan to order the items for you and cover the charge. Then, pay it all in one lump sum with our forwarding service.

Set Up Parcel Forwarding Today

It's a great service that saves you time and money.

Easy, convenient, and reliable.

So get shopping today. The world's your oyster, and when it comes time for shipping, let HMHShip take care of everything.


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