Have your parcel sent to us
Have your parcel sent to us
You receive your Parcel
You receive your parcel
We receive your parcel
We receive your Parcel
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We send your parcel off to you
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US Parcel Forwarding Services

Have your U.S. parcels forwarded to you in any country, worldwide.

US package forwarding is now safer, easier and more affordable than ever
before. No monthly fee. No setup fee. You won’t even need to create an account!

Just follow the QUICKSHIP button to fill out your package details and have your U.S. package delivered
to our warehouse. From there, we’ll coordinate with local and international partners to make sure
your package is delivered to you, even if you’re in a country without reliable parcel services.

  • Customer Service: Personal, professional & efficient. We’re here when you need us.
  • Competitive Rates. Compare our rates to other parcel forwarding companies
  • Package Consolidation. Lower costs on multiple shipments with this free service
  • Account, Optional. No account needed to start shipping. Fast and easy.
  • Simple Navigation. Easily maneuver the international parcel forwarding process
  • Complete Assistance. AssistUS Shopper, negotiated returns, and thorough support.