Our Package & Mail Forwarding Services

  • Setup fee

    That's right, no fee at all when you set up an account with us!


    No pressure at all, use your account as much or as little as you need.


    Have your US shipment sent to us, and we take care of the rest, insuring it gets to you as quickly and safely as possible.

    • If possible, have the dimensions and weight of your parcel(s) ready. Also have the details about the items you wish to ship handy. If you don't have this information about your parcel(s) handy, not a problem, we will notify you when your parcel has been received and you can submit the information then.
    • Hit “New Shipment” in your account or “QuickShip” if you do not wish to create an account with us. Enter;
      • Address
      • If necessary, Additional Options (Consolidate, Expedite, Insure, Repack)
      • Package Details and Item Details Package details are not required if you don't have that information.
      • Shipping Option
      • Payment Option
    • Unless you have an account (which comes with your U.S. address), a U.S. address will be provided to you in order to have your parcel forwarded to us.
    • We will notify you via email when we receive your parcel and when your parcel is shipped to you. If you have an account, shipping information can be found under “My Shipments”

    Upon request, we can consolidate many of your shipments into one box, which helps you save on postage.


    Each package is forwarded to you exactly as it comes, unless specified in the instructions. Upon request, we can repackage your shipments to insure they get to you safely. When submitting a new package with us, make sure to check “Repack”.


    We can store all your packages for free for up to 90 days. You'll receive a notification two weeks before the 90 days are up. After the 90 days, you may request up to two weeks of additional storage time. After the additional two weeks is up, your package will be forfeited.


    Pay for one of three Smart Packs in advance and save big per parcel! Choose the Smart Pack that best suits your packaging needs and start shipping right away.

    • PreferredPack - 3 Package

      $20.65 ($6.88 per parcel)

      PreferredPack - 5 Package

      $33.70 ($6.74 per parcel)

      PreferredPack - 10 Package

      $65.25 ($6.53 per parcel)

    $20.65 - $65.25
  • AssistUS Shopper (ACCOUNT REQUIRED)

    If you have trouble ordering online (for example, the online vendor doesn't accept international credit cards), we can shop on your behalf to get you your items. We're also able to purchase many hard-to-get products from various online sites.

    (PER SITE)